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Duties & Responsibilities

Duties and responsibilities of the Personnel Advisory Committee are:

    1. Develop, review and make recommendations concerning personnel policies affecting all full-time, part-time and volunteer faculty.
    2. Act in an advisory capacity to the Dean of the School of Medicine in policies relating to academic rank, salary, tenure, teaching and non-teaching load, retirement, sabbatical and other leaves, and other duties as the Dean may assign.  The committee may, upon request, receive assistance from the administration of the School of Medicine.
    3. Make recommendations to the administration of the School of Medicine concerning promotion and/or tenure of faculty members. The committee shall consider all requests, including those requests originating from faculty members themselves.

      Appointment, promotion, tenure, leave of absence, resignation, dismissal, retirement, fringe benefits, etc. are considered in detail in the Marshall University Greenbook.  In addition to the criteria for promotion and tenure outlined in the Marshall University Greenbook, consideration shall be given to patient care and other clinical activities.  Further, some clarification to the promotion policy listed in the Greenbook is necessary.

These clarifications (A & B below) are not meant to supersede the requirements for promotion as listed in the Greenbook, but rather, to clarify definitions as they apply to the health sciences. MU Green book -2013

  • Duration of appointment:
    1. It is the policy of the School of Medicine that faculty should have had a faculty appointment at Marshall University School of Medicine for a minimum of two years prior to consideration for promotion.  It is expected, but not required that a minimum of four years of teaching, research, or clinical experience at a particular level will precede promotion to the next rank.
    2. Teaching, research, or clinical experience prior to a faculty appointment at Marshall University School of Medicine will be evaluated by the Personnel Advisory Committee. Consideration may be given for post- doctoral training, fellowship training, or unusually long residency training required by some specialties.
  • Weighing of the criteria for promotion:
    1. Faculty will be evaluated primarily on their principal role in the School of Medicine.
    2. Basic Sciences Faculty will be evaluated principally on their teaching and research.
    3. Full-time Clinical Faculty will be evaluated on their clinical teaching, patient care and research.
    4. Volunteer Clinical Faculty will be evaluated on their teaching, research and clinical contributions to the School of Medicine.

All activities of the Personnel Advisory Committee will be in concert with the policies of the Board of Governors and Marshall University.