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New Faculty

Faculty Events

  • Dining with the Dean - October 6, 2021 & November 3, 2021
    • This opportunity offers JCESOM faculty, residents, medical and graduate students the opportunity to dine with the dean in a small-group setting. This event is focused on fostering dynamic and productive conversations regarding the betterment of the medical school. Participants will have the exclusive opportunity to chat with the dean in an unstructured question-and-answer session. Dean Shapiro will personally engage with participants and is eager to hear ideas, opinions, and to work towards positive change for JCESOM. 
    • What to expect: 
      • a 90-minute long event
      • Two sessions offered in both the Fall & Spring
      • A question-and-answer session with Dean Shapiro regarding his vision for JCESOM, and an opportunity to share any innovative ideas you may have to advance the JCESOM mission
      • An opportunity to build comradery, community, and connections

New Faculty Seminar Series: "Success begins with you"

  • New Faculty Seminar Series: “Success Begins with You” is designed to provide a brief overview of topics specific to the School of Medicine Faculty. This seminar series is offered during the Fall & Spring Semester. Each session is 60 minutes long and includes information geared toward facilitating the academic, clinical, and research pursuits of the faculty.

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