About Us


The vision of the Office of Faculty Advancement is to build an environment of inclusive excellence, allowing each faculty member to reach their fullest potential and to make meaningful contributions to their career goals and the institution’s mission.


  • Establish seamless alignments with academic departments and administrations to effectively recruit, appoint, advance, and retain a diverse faculty.
  • Design and develop evidence-based professional development programs and activities that enable faculty to achieve their highest ambitions as educators, investigators, and clinicians of the 21st century.

Our Staff


Darshana Shah, PhD.
Associate Dean
Faculty Advancement 
Professor of Pathology
Founding Editor-in-Chief
Marshall Journal of Medicine
AAMC Group on Faculty Affairs (GFA) Steering Committee 
Curriculum Vitae

Cynthia J. Krantz
Department Administrator
Marshall Health Dermatology
Program Coordinator
Office of Faculty Advancement

Taya R. Williams, MPA
Program Manager
Office of Diversity Programs
Office of Faculty Advancement