MUSOM Printing Services


Our large-format printer can print up to 44" wide, enabling us to meet almost any of your one-sided printing needs, large and small. We print Research Day Posters, Small Banners, Medical Diagrams, etc.

Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine's Students/Residents as well as Marshall Health Departments have 1 free print per project (this is subject to change depending on what type printing is needed per project).

Revisions, changes, or reprints after the 1st version has been printed, will result in a fee to the individual or department in need of the reprint.

PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK your design before submitting your .PPT , .PDF or .TIFF file  


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If you have any printing needs:
- Please visit our Request Artwork page and fill out our request form
- Feel free call us at 304-691-1709
- We are located on the 2nd floor of the Marshall Medical Center (Suite 2414) 

Research Day

The LAST DAY to get your free poster print will be MARCH 17th 5:00 PM!!! PPT/PDF files are to be submitted to the Graphic Design Department NO LATER THAN 5:00PM on MARCH 17th!!  Due to the large demand for posters and our resources, ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER THIS DATE & TIME.

Research Day Poster Size Maximum: W46 x H34.5

All Poster Templates Preset to 46 x 34.5

Please refer to our ppt templates for formatting.

Please visit our Request Artwork page to contact us

See our PPT and Keynote Templates

Design of Scientific Posters

Posters are a special type of presentation. When well designed, they are not simply journal papers pasted onto boards. Nor are they mounted sets of presentation visuals. Rather, posters, when effectively designed, are something in between.

The purpose of scientific posters is to present work to an audience who is walking through a hallway or exhibit. In poster presentations at conferences, the presenter usually stands next to the poster, thus allowing for passers-by to engage in one-on-one discussions with the presenter. In other situations such as the hallways of laboratories, universities, and corporations, posters are stand-alone presentations for passers-by.

For a poster to communicate the work, the poster first has to orient an audience that is not seated, but that is standing. Often the audience has distractions of noise and movement from other people. Given those distractions, a journal article tacked onto a board fails as an effective poster because the audience cannot concentrate for a time long enough to read through the paper. In fact, given the distractions that the audience faces, many in the audience will not even bother trying to read a journal article tacked onto a board.

For Poster Presentations:

The Poster Boards to be utilized at the Research Day have a 34.5” X 46” useable cork surface.


Use Push pins to attach Poster Presentation graphics to the cork surface.