Career Advising & Counseling Program

The Office of Student Affairs is committed to providing medical students with resources that will assist them in developing their professional identity and refining the skills they will need to choose a medical specialty and apply for residency programs. 

Administrative-led components of the program include:

  • Required “Medical Student Advisory Program” for all medical students
  • Required “Clerkship Career Counseling Sessions” in all MS-3 clerkships
  • Required “Medical Career Development” (MCD) program which spans all four years
  • Optional “Career Conversation” series

Student-Led Events include:

  • Career interest groups
  • Participation in several organizations, such as AMSA, AMA-MSS, and AMWA which have events which involve career development. The annual, and highly successful, “Specialty Speed Dating” event conducted by the AMA-MSS was chosen as the AMA Event of the Month in December 2012.