Joseph I. Shapiro, MD

Phone: (304) 691-1700

The mission of the Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine is "....to foster a skilled physician workforce to meet the unique heath care needs of West Virginia and Central Appalachia." Let me be very clear when I say that being a physician requires a mind prepared to encounter and wrestle competently with the unknown. Ergo, in order for us to accomplish this mission, we must be a research-active institution. Research and scholarship must pervade our lecture halls, our teaching wards and our offices so that our graduates can truly learn to become thoughtful and insightful clinicians. I am very gratified to say that, although we are a small medical school, the quality of our research and scholarship is truly world-class. I encourage our own students, staff and faculty to actively participate in this stimulating environment and visitors from outside our ranks to collaborate with us. 

Uma Sundaram, MD
Vice Dean
Chairman of DCTS
Phone: (304) 399-6678

As the only health science center for more than a hundred miles in any direction, the health of West Virginians and people of the contiguous Tri-State area is our single most important mission.  Our citizens suffer from innumerable health care disparities, many of which place us in the unenviable forefront position in this country.  Only a multi-disciplinary, state-of-the-art team approach that our health science center provides will address these many significant health concerns.  In order to provide this type of care, clinical and translational research focused on the health needs of our citizens in the Tri-State area is critical.  Thus, my goal is to promote these types of collaborative research efforts across Marshall University and affiliated health delivery facilities in the region.  My other goal is to educate the next generation of health care professional to provide similar care for West Virginians.